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Welcome to Tian's world!

Upcoming concerts

Please refer to the German start page for a current list of concerts.



"Echo from the Past" has been published by Advance Music

After a long wait, the saxophone quintet "Echo from the Past" has been released in print, and is now available from Advance Music ( or in music shops world-wide. Also don't miss the recording at!

Tian for Big Band

Finally, I have put my year-long dream into reality, and have begun to arrange my compositions for big band. The results can be admired at (audio and video). It still depends on sponsors how the band will continue. For now, there is a presentation of the repertoire in a reduced combo line-up. Also, three compositions will be played by the Grand Central Orchestra of Cologne in on September 16.


Concert series "Grenzenlos: Weltmusik in Cologne-Kalk" starts!

The "Tian y Angel Rubio Duo" are the first to play at the newly founded concert series "Grenzenlos" in Kalk, a district of Cologne. The first concert will take place on September 11, 2010 at the Bürgerhaus Kalk. Furthermore, there will be a world music jam session on December 1st. Musicians from different cultural backgrounds are very welcome!

El Viento in the studio

El Viento has recorded five brand new songs in the studio. Check out our pre-listens at Building upon their roots as a world music experimental band, El Viento have now created a big enough repertoire of original compositions for an entire evening.